Nature Commode is a mission based company passionate about the ability for toilets to aid social change

We believe there is a need to shift away from such a deep dependence on chemicals and plastic.
We intentionally choose to use sawdust instead of blue chemicals to control odor in our toilets.
We intentionally have dry toilets so we’re not using drinking water to manage our bodily fluids.
We intentionally choose to design and fabricate our toilets from steel, wood and fabric to shift away from an increasing dependence on plastic.

We strive to always provide you with an excellent ecological sanitation experience, leaving you with a positive impression of sustainable, planet friendly sanitation.


Nature Commodes strives to reach the highest level of sustainability

  • Nature Commode units are flat packed, therefore using fewer vehicles to transport a greater number of toilets.
  • Transporting the human excrement in containers in a box truck reduces fuel use, in comparison to the fuel needs of pumper trucks.
  • Instead of a thick plastic box, Nature Commode toilets are fabricated from steel and fabric, greatly reducing the environmental footprint of each unit, including recyclability at end of life.
  • Instead of chemicals manufactured in a factory, Nature Commode uses locally sourced sawdust, a sustainable byproduct from a local mill.
  • Nature Commode partners with Dr Bronners to provide organic hand soap and sanitizer
  • Nature Commode uses 100% recycled content toilet paper and hand towels.
  • Nature Commode is a local, woman founded/owned business.
  • Nature Commode pays all crew members a livable wage.


Our toilets have a dual function to provide the public with an opportunity to use an ecological sanitation service and to learn about nutrient cycling

Most of the nutrients in the food and beverage you just consumed pass through your body. These same nutrients can be used again to benefit new plant growth and soil health.

Urine has a similar composition to commercial fertilizers. Nature Commode treats all collected urine so it can be safely used to fertilize crops in the region.

Eventually, Nature Commode will have the means to process all of the collected solids into a Class A compost.

Nature Commode is part of the GiveBack Nutrient Cycling Project. To learn more about nutrient cycling visit