Nature Commode provides options in portable restrooms for events and long term install
EVENTS: PopUp Porta Single Stall Unit

PopupPorta web     Door Graphic
No chemical liquids or water used, only sawdust as a cover material to minimize odors. Spacious interior. At ground level for easier access. Each stall has a hook for hanging bag and jacket, great ventilation and natural light. Garden lights added for night use. 3′ wide x 4′ deep

EVENTS: Urine Cabana 2-Man Urinal

Dedicated urinal with plenty of room. Privacy screen between users. No more trying to pee into a small funnel tucked in the corner. Great natural light. Garden lights included for night use. 3′ wide x 6′ long



Handicap accessible. Spacious interior. Hook for hanging bag and jacket. Great ventilation and natural light. Garden lights included for night use. 8′ x 8′



Our latest offering for long term install at construction/remodel sites. Built for inclement weather and curb appeal. Spacious interior and excellent ventilation appreciated by your crew. Includes 1x week or 2x month servicing, depending on needs. Unit includes urinal and sit down toilet, sawdust for awesome odor control and Dr Bronner hand sanitizer. 4′ x 4′ footprint


EVENTS: Cabin Commode

3 stall side corn field  3 stall front corn field copy

Fabricated from reclaimed building materials, this all natural mobile toilet trailer provides both service and a picturesque backdrop for any occasion. 1 very spacious stall and 2 standard size stalls. Each stall includes toilet and urinal. Garden lights included. 7′ wide x 16′ long.


EVENTS: Hand Washing Station

Includes Dr Bronner’s hand soap. 2′ x 4′