*Due to COVID-19 and the suspension of events in the Portland area, Nature Commode has put its sanitation services on hold. Hopefully, we will all return for the 2021 event season. If so, we so look forward to serving you then.

NATURAL TOILETS for All Occasions

Nature Commode compost portable toilets incorporate innovative design, natural materials, the forest scent of sawdust and Dr Bronner’s organic sanitizer to create a truly wonderful experience.
And garden lights are added for all evening events – cause we all know its no fun peeing in the dark.
Our rates are all inclusive – no surprises!
Delivery/pickup, all supplies, Dr Bronner’s organic products and lights included for no additional charge.
Orders over 4 include canopy and onsite attendant – again for no additional cost!


EVENTS: Popup Porta Single Toilet


Waterproof/fireproof fabric wraps our uniquely shaped Popup Porta. Unlike plastic, fabric breathes, ensuring excellent ventilation, (key for an enjoyable experience). Upon entering you’ll encounter a delightful wood bench and bucket filled to the brim with locally sourced sawdust.
3′ wide x 4′ deep


EVENTS: Men’s Urine Cabana


Dedicated urinal with plenty of room for each occupant at either end. Privacy screen between users. No more trying to pee into a small funnel tucked in the corner. Great natural light.
3′ wide x 6′ long


EVENTS: Yurtlet ADA/Family Size Toilet

Named by a young user, our “Yurtlet” is a spacious ADA unit with ample room for full handicap accessibility or for parents and small kids who many not want to go on their own. And we’ve had many kids enjoy it so much they want to move in! It also works as a nice addition if a changing room is desired.
8′ x 8′


EVENTS: Cabin Commode



Fabricated from reclaimed building materials, this all natural mobile toilet trailer provides both service and a picturesque backdrop for any occasion. The front unit is quite spacious with ample room for changing and an area for cocktails/floral displays/changing table/party decorations. The trailer also includes 2 standard size stalls. Each stall has a toilet and urinal. 
7′ wide x 16′ long


EVENTS: Hand Washing Station


Our delightful hand washing station brings a festive flair and charm to any event. And it always comes with Dr Bronner’s organic hand soap.
2′ x 4′




Give your crew and yourself a truly pleasant experience. Built for inclement weather and curb appeal, the toilet has a spacious interior and excellent ventilation, certain to be appreciated by all. Includes 1x week or 2x month servicing, depending on needs. Unit includes urinal and sit down toilet, sawdust for awesome odor control and Dr Bronner’s hand sanitizer.
4′ x 4′ footprint