The future of event sanitation

Instead of water and chemicals, our toilets only use sawdust, locally sourced. Sawdust does an excellent job of controlling odors, ensuring a much improved experience.

Instead of plastic boxes, our units are fabricated from natural building materials. Our artistically designed toilets allow for greater ventilation and spacious interior while bringing a festive decor to your event.

With the inviting exterior and lack of toxic odors, Nature Commodes can be placed closer to main events and food/beverage services.

We provide service to all types of social events including festivals, fairs, weddings, parties, sporting events and gatherings.
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Our Toilets

Comparably priced but superior service
No chemical liquids used – just sawdust
No toxic odors
Spacious interior
Well ventilated


Our Business

Excellent customer service
Quote within 48 hours or less
Assistance with layout design and siting
Full-time onsite attendant


Sustainable Sanitation

We close the nutrient loop by upcycling your contributions